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12 August 2020

07:30 – 19:00

Monday to Friday

8 William Booth Grove,

Trentham, Upper Hutt, 5018 NZ

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When was Coinsave founded?

The owners and officials of the Coinsave had begun managing assets in the nineties in a type of family office. Eventually the founding of Coinsave in New Zealand took place in 2018. This was the beginning of a successful collaboration with private clients, which persists to this day, with the goal of providing services to private and institutional clients.

Where is the headquarters of Coinsave?

The headquarters of Coinsave is in Upper Hut, New Zealand.

Where is Coinsave represented by branch offices?

Coinsave operates offices in New Zealand.

What is the core competence of Coinsave?

Coinsave is an independent cryptocurrency manager, which guides its clients in the cryptocurrency investment. The main focus is on bitcoin. As a specialist in cryptocurrency investment, our client’s assets are invested diverse and profitable.

Is Coinsave a bank?

Coinsave is an independent cryptocurrency manager and not a bank. This ensures unbiased advice, detached of any interest conflicts within a banking operation. The assets entrusted to us are exempt from all sales targets and are managed exclusively in the interest of the client.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment is USD 100.000. This amount is necessary to ensure an adequate degree of diversification in order to lower the risks of your investment. Our clients benefit from investment advantages which are otherwise usually only available to institutional clients.

Are investments solely made in Bitcoin?

Investments are primarily made in Bitcoin, however, we also follow a currency diversification apporach and make use of investing opportunities in other cryptocurrencies & currencies. If requested by the client, the asset management agreement can be worded in such a way that investments are solely made in a specific currency or cryptocurrency.

How long is capital tied up when managed by Coinsave?
Are the investments of Coinsave transparent?

Our investment approach and the crypto investments are completely transparent and comprehensible for clients. Once the investment specifications have been agreed on, the provided capital will be invested. All details can be followed by clients on a daily basis via login into their account dahsboard.

What are the nationalities of Coinsave clients?

The majority of Coinsave clients reside in Germany, France, Italy and the UK. However, Coinsave also advises investors from many other countries around the world.

Does Coinsave offer referal programs?

Yes, our clients both old and new are eligble for the referal program.